Available 30th August 2020

This has been for me, the most challenging work I have composed and recorded. The simple beautiful melodies are so exposed in the strings that it is almost impossible to hide the synthetic quality of these virtual instruments and to balance the guitar work against all of this even harder with less than ideal recording mics.

Virtual instruments might never capture the realism of live stringed instruments even with all the articulations and playing techniques one can painstakingly program in. Even with over a month of mixing and another few weeks of mastering, this is where it is at:-) Time to move on and start the next one.

Anyway, this has been a learning experience and I hope that if you take the time to listen to it in its entirety that some of you will at least enjoy the music and the recording. I think it is a beautiful, and at times melancholic waltz.

Who knows, maybe once Covid-19 is over I can get into a studio somewhere with some colleagues and record it with some real instrumentalists not just me and my guitar in my room with my midi keyboard:-)

Credits: Stasa Hlava cover design
Photograph: Toa Heftiba

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