Absolution upbeat rumba flamenco music
Release Date: September 26, 2022
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This composition is inspired by the Canadian guitarist Jesse Cook


Absolution is an upbeat rumba flamenco-type composition with classical influences. I have been profoundly influenced by Jesse Cook’s music over the years. I have played so many of his pieces that it was inevitable for me to eventually write and produce a piece of music in this beautiful rumba flamenco style.
The music is written for two guitars and violin and cello.

Artist credits

A huge thank you to Ariella Caira @ariellarosanna for playing the cello so beautifully, always a pleasure to work with you! And another huge level of thanks to Nicole D’ Oliveira @doliveiranicole for playing the violin and for bringing your musicality to the work. I am very fortunate to have these two colleagues to work with when needed.

Music Production

Produced at
Guitarist: @WesleyHlava