Crossroads sheet music for piano and cello
Release Date: June 15, 2022
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This album is dedicated to my friend


Crossroads is a melancholic piece written for piano and Cello.

A great friend of mine was going through a difficult period in her life which put her at an impasse of sorts, a crossroads where she had to decide on a path for her future. Not the easiest of choices either. At the time, I thought of writing a piece of music that would best capture what she was going through. Crossroads is my humble attempt at capturing this time in her life.


A huge thank you to Ariella Caira @ariellarosanna for performing and recording both the cello and piano parts, she added her incredible talent to this work and brought it to life.

Production and Mastering

Completed at Music Production Space

Album Review

Lush is a Chef d'Oeuvre !
- - Rolling Stone Magazine