Tracklist - Samples

  1. Moderato
  2. Largo
  3. Allegro Con Energia
  4. Adelita
  5. Lagrima
  6. Sueno
  7. La Paloma
  8. Serenata Espanola
  9. Milonga
  10. Prelude for Olga
  11. Danza Brasilera
  12. Un dia de Noviembre
  13. Classical Gas
  14. Se ela Perguntar
  15. Tango en Skai

“For many years it has been my goal to go into the studio and record an album that would somehow, in essence, capture my journey as an individual striving to become a musician throughout the various chapters of my life.  My intention has been to record my best performance’s of works by composers that I have drawn my greatest inspiration from over the years.
I hope you enjoy my interpretation and performance of the works on this album and the order I have placed them in, my intention has been to create the best listening experience possible.”


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