Three Sketches

Three Sketches for classical guitar by Wesley Hlava
Release Date: February 4, 2014
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About the album

These three sketches ‘Dusk, Twilight & Dawn‘, were written about 20 years ago while completing my honors in performance. It was part of my composition component which made up my postgraduate degree. I recorded the works a few years later 1998 (I think). I am re-releasing this music and my recordings for personal nostalgic reasons as I feel it captures a time in my life when I finally knew exactly which path I wanted to take as a musician.

Who was Involved?

Classical guitarist: Much younger @WesleyHlava🙂

All three works were recorded at a studio (cannot for the life of me remember the name) in Milnerton, Capetown at a time when audio warping and timing corrections weren’t possible unless u could afford serious studio time with real professional engineers, which I couldn’t. So this playing is a great reflection of where I was as a musician back then.