An endless passion for Gypsy King's music. Listening to the artists singing Palestrina's works. My discovery of nuevo flamenco music, people like Beethoven, and finally, all of my life's wonderful and tragic experiences.

I am a Cape Town-based professional guitarist, composer, and producer. I started on this path at a young age thanks to my parent’s taste in music. I never fully indulged in lessons on an instrument until the age of 16. My initial experiences with teachers were short-lived due to us being quite busy as a family and relocating a lot. I was fortunate enough to be trained in classical guitar by an incredibly gifted musician who lived a reclusive life in Cape Town.

Much of the time spent with this great man (who I came to know as a mentor and good friend) involved me playing and him screaming excitedly with generous but incessant corrections to my humble rendition of each piece he recommended I study.

It was an incredibly beneficial but highly stressful time in my life owing to the fact that he wasn’t able to demonstrate anything as he had lost his ability to play due to a stroke a few years earlier. You can imagine how difficult it was to capture on my guitar what his vision of the music should sound like with no visual or aural guidance. Amazing how hard we work to garner the admiration and respect of our mentors.

I think this time in my life helped nurture and develop my own artistic personality as I had no teacher to copy or imitate. I relied solely on the guidance of a very complex musical idea that my teacher was convinced I could achieve with hard work and his guidance.

I then went on to study for a diploma in performance at the University of Cape Town. Shortly after the completion of my studies I traveled overseas and participated in a few International guitar competitions. I realized at the time that this lifestyle was not for me. I was repeatedly humbled by my lack of performance experience and quite frankly, delicate nerves under those conditions, competing with, for lack of a better description, world-class athletes.

I returned to Cape Town and began teaching and performing professionally to earn a living. In addition to this, I have dedicated the last 20 years to studying composition and music production. I am now sharing my passion as a composer with everyone who loves music as much as I do.