New Release News!

On The Moon by Wesley Hlava

For those of you that follow my socials, I hope you enjoy this early access to my album. It will only be live on the 06th of May on all the main streaming platforms. You can listen for free here.

Initially, I intended to release 9 original works for this album, but after much wrestling with the idea, and the reality of the time I will still need to complete the last three recordings (it involves co-ordinating recording times with other musicians etc., so could take a while still), I thought it would be best to release these 6 works as a small body of work and keep the last 3 for a future release in a few months.

The ‘On The Moon’ album has been an amazing journey for me. The initial inspiration allowed me to compose all nine works over the course of a three week school holiday (during a break from teaching:-).

Almost 8 exhausting months later, which was a very intense learning experience. On The Moon is the final result and I hope you find the songs in this album as beautiful as I do.