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New Release - The Day After _ Wesley Hlava
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But if you are reading this, then that means you are interested in listening to it. Below is the link to the music on my Bandcamp page. The perks of being a fan:-) “IT IS FREE TO LISTEN TO!”

The Day After

I composed this piece for a string trio with piano accompaniment, “The Day After” is a haunting piece about the absolute injustice of the war against Ukraine. Much of what is happening reminds me of my grandfather’s stories about the suffering he endured when his homeland Czechoslovakia was invaded during the Second World War.

It is beyond spiritual comprehension why the people of Ukraine have to endure this level of suffering because of one man’s agenda to subjugate Ukraine, tearing down its statehood.

I am a musician, I am not a fighter, this piece of music is my way of standing in solidarity with the Ukraine.